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What’s new with Lilac Luxe 2.0?

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“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly”

Hi everyone! If you’re reading this, you’re probably excited for our re-launch of Lilac Luxe! But before we get into the upgrades & transformations, I wanted to share the inspiration behind Lilac Luxe 2.0 & why we call it our Rebirth Collection.

Lilac Luxe, the first version, was launched in September 2018. That version went through many changes cause I was unhappy with the colour and some brush shapes. I really wanted the sweetest Lilac shade, and finally we managed to perfect it. The first version took us about 3 months, from drawing board to production. But Lilac Luxe 2.0, took us 6 months (double the time!) cause we are doubling the upgrades & transforming them. I really wanted to make sure when we re-launch and re-introduce Lilac Luxe, it is almost 99% of what YOU guys really want. So the upgrades & transformations done are all based 100% off your feedback & suggestions!! (That’s why we LOVE getting comments, DMs and reviews that gives us any form of feedback. We do take note and try our best to accommodate!)

Okay now, let’s get to it!

If you’ve been following us on our social media pages, you’ll see some sneak peeks this week! And in today’s post we want to talk about the UPGRADED & TRANSFORMED Lilac Luxe 2.0!

Back when we had Lilac Luxe 1.0, we took note of any recommendation or feedback to make the sets better! So one major comments we used to get would be:

“Can you add labels to the brushes?”

And at that time in 2018, it was a little impossible to do so. But now, we can! And that is the #1 upgrade we did to Lilac Luxe 2.0!

img 0238
All brushes now comes with its functions on the handles!

All brushes are now labelled with its functions, making this set even more beginner friendly!

#2 We transformed the Foundation Brush! It used to be the Round Kabuki Brush (but now you can get that shape in our Ivory or Onyx Kit!) and transformed it to the #1 most requested & famous brush shape; the Flat Top Kabuki Brush for any foundation formula!

img 0297
Flat Top Kabuki; works great to really buff in your foundation or use as stippling brush! Love the density of this one. Not too dense and not too loose! Gives you flawless, airbrushed finish.

#3 we upgraded the Concealer Brush! Previously, it was a loose, dome shaped brush. But this round we upgraded the shape of the concealer brush to emulate a finger tip. And the size fits just perfectly for your under-eye whilst giving you the maximum coverage & finish!

#4 We transformed 4 of the eye brushes for the better! One of the feedbacks we got when we had the Eye Kit 1.0 was the shape & sizes of some of the brushes. Like, our Blending Brush then was a bit too tapered. And the Eyeliner Brush is getting obsolete with people opting for Liquid Liners so there isn’t a need for it. Also, our previous Pencil Brush was too small for any work done, so.. we took all of these advices and amped it up!!!! The eye brushes in Lilac Luxe 2.0 are definitely more functional!

2005 img 0250 edit

#5 We upgraded the brush handles! We shortened the length, as previously we got feedback that it was too long. We also made the handle design a little bit more sophisticated by making it straight rather than round. Just an aesthetic change, but I think it kicked the collection look up a notch! It is also now super lightweight, making it effortless to carry them around with you.

What is Lilac Luxe Collection?

Lilac Luxe is Brush & Co’s lilac coloured makeup brush set. It comes in 3 sets & a gift box package. It is made of soft, synthetic bristles! So it works on all skin types & with each brushes labelled – its great for beginners & pros (or any beauty enthusiasts at any makeup level!)

When will it be available?

It will be launched on Brush & Co’s birthday! Which is soon! Will reveal more details on the launch & prices in the next post!

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