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5 must-have makeup brushes for beginners

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Are you new to makeup & unsure what brushes you need? Here’s a quick guide:

#1 Blush Brush

Almost everyone I know, started their makeup journey with either a lipstick, mascara or blusher! Applying the first 2 doesn’t really need a tool. But blusher, yes you do! Using a Blush Brush applies a concentrated spot of product to your cheeks. Applying a blush will help give you a youthful glow & adds dimension and life back to your complexion!

#2 Foundation Brush

Everyone struggles with uneven skintone, spots or acne and look at foundation to help smoothen & even everything out! Applying your foundation with fingers are fine, but can be too thick or even streaky. For a flawless finish, opt for a foundation brush as it’s known to help apply liquid or cream foundation on your skin evenly.

#3 Powder Brush

Especially girls with oily skin, loose powder is your best friend to set & help combat face oiliness. Powder brushes are usually bigger in size in comparison to blush brushes! It helps to disperse products evenly across your face. This really helps locks & keeps you makeup in place.

#4 Eyeshadow Brush

You can blend eyeshadow with your fingers but for a neat application, grab an eyeshadow brush. Pat, pat & blend them away on your eyelid. Want a natural, fool-proof eye makeup look? Use a matte brown shade! Can never go wrong 🙂

#5 Blending Brush

Now, this brush is the partner in crime of an eyeshadow brush. Blending brush helps blend out rough edges of eyeshadow to give you a flawless eyeshadow gradient (Which is what you’re aiming for, and you’ll look like a pro with eye makeup like that!)

That’s all from us today! All these brushes are sold here at Brush & Co. We suggest to take a look at our brush sets (you save more money!) or you can opt to try them individually! Learned something today? Leave us some comments below!


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