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Hi! We promised more information on Lilac Luxe 2.0 from our previous post. By now, you’ve probably checked out the product pages of Lilac Luxe sets, if you haven’t.. here you go! Lilac Luxe 2.0 sets

We just wanted to share that we’ll be giving away FREE GIFTS during launch day; which is our Purple Mini Sponge (Tiny but mighty, this is slowly becoming a beauty favourite!!) or Beauty Case if you purchase the Deluxe Box.

In order to redeem your free gift, you need a coupon code! To get the coupon code, you’d need to sign-up on our waiting list found in every Lilac Luxe 2.0 sets.

Do so before 6th March, to be entitled to redeem. Its limited to the first 100-150 customers (Depending on the free gift!)

Lilac Luxe 2.0 will be launched this coming Sunday, 7th March 2021 at 11am. Exclusively on our website!

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