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How to curl your eyelashes

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Curled eyelashes makes all the difference! Paired with your trusted mascara, it’ll take your look to a whole other level. So here’s our how-to guide on curling your eyelashes!

1. Prep & clean your eyelash curler

If you’ve been using your eyelash curler without cleaning it, residue from previous mascara could interrupt the next session. So just give it a good wipe with a tissue or makeup remover wipes and you’re good to go. Take it to the next level and blow dry your eyelash curler for 5 seconds to get it warm (not hot!) to make your lashes curl last longer. (keyword here is warm, not piping hot ok!)

2. Get in position

img 8525

Make sure to place your eyelash curler at the base of your eyelash, as close as comfortably possible so you get a natural and intense curl. How?

Tilt your head back slightly, look down in the mirror, place the curler on the base of your eyelash and you’ll be able to see better as well as get a better grip of all your eyelashes!

3. Time to clamp in pulses!

img 8519

Now here’s the part that helps curl your eyelashes. Try to do it in pulses, meaning you gently press for a few seconds and then let go. Do this multiple times or for 10 seconds.

You don’t want to do a tight, long squeeze in case it’ll just curl your eyelashes in a bent L shape.

4. Hot tip: Spoolie is your bestie!

After you’ve curled your lashes it’s super important to brush it out with a spoolie and make sure it’s in place before you lock that curl in with a mascara! (If you’ve ever used eyelash extension, you’re told to always brush your extensions out to keep it fluffy, same concept applies here!)

Here’s some other hot tips while curling your eyelashes!

While curling your eyelashes, angle it up towards your forehead for a more intense curl.

You can also get an eyelash primer to help elongate your natural lashes and help your mascara and curl last longer!

Also, while curling, move your curler slowly upwards across your eyelash to get a more natural looking curl and avoid the crimped, L-shaped eyelashes. (From the side, it doesn’t look cute oops!)

5. Mascara time!

img 8542

Time to coat your curled lashes with mascara to intensify the look! While applying mascara, if you see clumps you should quickly remove it with a clean spoolie! Coat away to your liking. You can even mix 2 mascaras together for an optimum look!

And you’re ready to go!

img 8579

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