Test your foundation shade on your arm?!

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One thing I have always struggled with is finding THE RIGHT foundation shade.

Be it testing them in stores or online, I always tend to find a shade lighter than my skin.

So what I found useful is to figure out what my skin undertone is.

Mostly you’re a warm, cool or neutral tone. A lot of the tips and tricks tells you to check out your vein, and depending on the colour it may tell you which shade you should pick out.

But the thing is, its more than just your undertone.

What we all know is (for most of us) is that our face is lighter than our neck, arms etc. 

And I have always struggled with matching my face with my neck.

So I have started testing foundation shades on my…. arm.

My neck is actually about 1 or 2 shades darker than my face, so I’ve always opted for darker shades these days. And voila, a perfect match!

Recent purchase of mine is Huda Beauty Faux Filter in Tres Leches. I would usually be a shade lighter but no no no, not going to look like a chalked up fool anymore.

So in a nutshell, test your foundation on your neck or arms if you want a perfect body match. But if you’re only concerned on finding the right shade for your face, the link I’ve attached above should be very helpful!

(Remember, you can get lighter or darker over the years. So you constantly should test out your foundation shades!)

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