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Makeup Beginners, read up!

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One question we get a lot here on Brush & Co is.. “I’m a newbie to makeup, which set would work  best for me?”

It’s a tough one for us, because all our sets aim to have the basic, necessary brushes for makeup.

All our sets are equipped with foundation, powder and eye makeup brushes.. so most of the time we can’t decide which set to suggest!

Here’s a simpler (hopefully!) breakdown of all our sets for you:

Colour Pink only Black only *Pink and Black
Number of brushes 8 11 15
Makeup Bag Yes Yes, a Brush Case Yes
Foundation Brush Yes Yes, 2 Yes, 2
Blending Brush Yes Yes Yes
Eyeshadow Brush Yes Yes Yes
Angled Brush (Eyes) Yes, 1 Yes, 2 Yes, 2
Concealer Brush No *No *No
Highlight Brush Yes, Fan Brush No Yes, Fan Brush
Blush Brush *Yes Yes Yes
Powder Brush No Yes, Small Powder Brush No
Contour Brush Yes, Flat Contour Brush Yes, Angled Powder Brush Yes, Flat Contour Brush
A lot of eye makeup brushes? No Yes Yes
Material? Synthetic hair Synthetic hair Synthetic hair
Brush Size? 14cm 18cm 15cm
Price? RM 81 RM 125 RM 121

*The Pink Complete Kit has a Fluffy Round brush as Contour/Bronzing and a Tip Liner brush for Eyeliner.
*For Essential Kit and Complete Kit you do have a Multipurpose brush for either Blending or Concealer.
*The Blush Brush in Basics Kit is not rounded brush, it’s a flat tapered brush.

In my personal opinion, here’s what I think:

Essential Kit is my personal favorite.


The brushes are so straight forward and the set has exactly the brushes I need and use for my makeup routine.

I travel quite a bit here and there and will always reach out to Essential Kit to make sure I have all the brushes I need.

I also don’t highlight because I do have acne on my cheeks and chin area. So I feel like if I use glittery products it just enhances it.

Also Essential Kit size is longer than the other two sets, which I like better when using.

But all in all, all Brush & Co brushes are 1. Value for money, you spend about RM10 or less per brush. 2. It’s so easy to clean, and because of that I wash my brushes every week!

Lastly, it depends on YOUR needs and YOUR preference. If you don’t like too many brushes, Basics Kit is for you! If you don’t like Brush Case type of bags, then skip Essential Kit (yeah you can’t store makeup in here!) or if you’re more into eye makeup, Complete Kit may just work for you! Everyone has a different makeup routine, so choose a set that would work best for you!

Hope this blog helps, if you need more clarification we are always available on Instagram or Whatsapp!

Much love,


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