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Brush & Co: Pros of using Synthetic Brushes vs Natural Brushes

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Here’s our first blog post!

And I thought I’d like to talk about SYNTHETIC brushes.

What are they?

In simpler terms, they’re man made materials that is made of synthetic fibers such as nylon etc. So there are no animal products incorporated in these brushes.

Synthetic hair, since its man made and all; doesn’t have a cuticle (Ala ala sisik gitu) so its great to use for liquid or cream products as it just glides on the brush bristles and onto your skin. Giving you a perfect, gliding application. Because it doesn’t have natural cuticles a.k.a sisik sisik ikan tu, it does not trap makeup.

Which brings me to my next point:

Synthetic brushes are EASIER TO WASH. Which means, it is a little bit more hygienic than natural brushes (natural brushes = animal hair)

A little bit more information on synthetic brushes is that it comes in various colours, density and shape. So it really is up to a brand to figure out how their brushes look. Most of the time it can look liquid paper white or can be dyed to colours that would imitate natural brushes; such as dark brown or dark cream. Brush & Co mostly uses the black or white colours.

In a nutshell, synthetic brushes are:

1. More hygienic because it does not trap makeup (because it doesn’t have the cuticles that natural brushes would have) so it is easier to clean. The makeup just comes off the bristles easily!

2. Suitable for sensitive skin because synthetic brushes are (especially Brush & Co’s) soft soft soft. The bristles does not poke your skin when you’re applying and based on our experience, sensitive skin customers opt for synthetic brushes because natural brushes gives them skin allergies and is a little harsh on the skin. Yikes.

3. More affordable in comparison to natural brushes. Natural brushes has always been more expensive from back in the day until today. This could be because producing natural brushes are harder. Also, back then synthetic brushes were not as smooth as natural brushes. But in this modern day, they’re pretty on par with synthetic brushes giving excellent quality without breaking your bank!

4. Longer lifespan because unlike natural hair which is prone to breakage and “hair fall”; just like human hair, synthetic brushes retains its original shape and sheds very little (unless its poorly made to begin with). I personally have had my synthetic brushes for over 2 years and I wash them every 2 weeks… they are still amazing!

To me, it is all about preference; but I am a big synthetic brush user and see more pros in using synthetic brushes than pros of using natural brushes..

All brushes by Brush & Co is 100% synthetic and cruelty-free. So check out the different sets that would suit your need & budget. Happy shopping!

More information:

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3. https://www.bustle.com/articles/66523-what-kind-of-makeup-brush-should-you-use-heres-the-difference-between-synthetic-and-natural-brushes

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