What’s new in October?

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Hello! In case you missed it, we recently released two new items!

Say hello to our new & improved, mini blending sponge & sponge shell! Let’s explore them one by one shall we?

Mini Blending Sponge

What is it made of? Latex-free material!

What do we use it for? Due to its size, it’s perfect to blend under eye concealer, bake your under eye, blend eyeshadow primer or blend your cream contour

How much is it? Retails for RM15 (Now on promo price for RM10!)

What’s our next launch? It’s something we all NEED, especially if you’re a beauty sponge owner!

Sponge Shell

Have you ever find yourself unsure where to put your damp sponge? On top a tissue? After that, do you just wrap it and chuck it in your makeup bag? Yuck! That’s how it gets mouldy!!

What is it? It’s a casing for your sponges! Especially useful to store your damp sponge! It has holes to let air come in to dry your sponge!

How much is it? Retails for RM8 (Now on promo price for RM5!)

1 sponge shell fits up to 4 mini sponges or 1 BC Sponge & 1 Mini Sponge

Ready to check them out? Learn more about these new babies here:

Sponge Shell: https://brushnco.com/product/sponge-shell/

Mini Blending Sponge: https://brushnco.com/product/mini-blending-sponge/

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