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Makeup Products Expiration Dates

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Yes, they expire. Yes, technically you can use that 2016 Naked Palette till you’ve hit pan but is it performing the way it used to?

Here’s a quick read through on different makeup products & its expiry dates (From shortest to longest!)

MASCARA (Usually expires within 3-6 months)

They last the shortest amount of time of all other makeup products. It’s important to replace it regularly to avoid any eye infection!

Tip: Don’t share your mascara! Invest in affordable but great ones. There’s a lot of drugstore mascara that does the job just right.

BEAUTY SPONGE (Usually expires within 3 months)

Thankfully our BC Beauty Sponges are affordable, so you can replace them regularly. But sponges are notorious for being easily contaminated due to it being wet for usage. Whichever brand of sponges you use, do change them regularly.

Tip: Once you’re done with the sponge, clean them immediately and air-dry in a well circulated area & preferably where there is sun!

LIQUID EYELINER/GEL LINER (Usually expires within 6 months)

Just like mascara, these expires quicker! And contamination risk is higher with every application (Eeeeeek!)

Tip: Clean the tip of your liquid eyeliner after every use. I run the tip on tissue/wet tissue and apply it on my eyes. It does not affect my liquid eyeliner’s performance. Unsure if it really helps BUT any way I could make myself feel better, I’ll do it. I can’t afford to buy the Kat Von D eyeliner twice a year hehe

LIQUID LIPSTICK/CREAM LIPSTICK (Usually expires within a year)

Lipsticks are one of the makeup products I personally would notice when it is expired! It just won’t glide on my lips, would separate immediately when I apply & it just feels funky on my lips.

Tip: I don’t think there is much to do here, except find your ride-or-die lipstick & stick with it! Mine is Huda Beauty’s Bombshell. I buy them yearly, cause this is all I use. I sometimes use it as cream blush too!

LOOSE POWDER (Usually expires within a year)

I’m assuming it doesn’t last as long because of application process, we need to dip brushes in the pot and apply to our face etc. Maybe that’s why MUAs pour a bunch of powder on a different “bowl” before using it on a client.

Tip: None really, I’m new to the loose powder game. Was a pressed powder gal for a long time until I switched!

POWDER EYESHADOW (Usually expires within 12 – 18 months )

As much as we love our Naked palette, sometimes we have to say goodbye.

Tip: Don’t get the eyeshadows wet! Cause this will “spoil” the product. Happened to me once with my Tarte eyeshadow palette, and that made the eyeshadow harden..

POWDER BLUSHER (Usually expires within 12 – 18 months)

Just like eyeshadow, powder products tend to last a bit longer. Make sure your brushes when you’re using to pickup the products are sanitised and clean though! ps: just looked at my Charlotte Tilbury Cheek To Chic Blusher and it has 30 months PAO. WOW!

LIQUID FOUNDATION & CONCEALERS (Usually expires within 2 years)

IMO, foundations can last a little bit longer due to it’s packaging. Most of our foundations will come with a pump & lid. So once we’re done pumping the foundation out, we close the lid & store it away. Risk of contamination is low here.

Tip: Store in cool area! Not too hot or humid, this will cause the product to separate and go bad quicker. I keep mine on my makeup table where I know it doesn’t get super hot during the day!

But mostly importantly, look at “Period After Opening” or PAO symbol on your packaging!

Here is what to look for!

Picture courtesy of Freepik.com

These symbols are always printed on your product packaging. It is your best bet on when to toss out your makeup products! Go through your makeup bag now and give it a look and find the PAO date.

I make it a habit to look at the PAO before actually opening & using the products.

In case you’re wondering, “What is Period After Opening (PAO)??”

It’s basically how long you can use the products AFTER you’ve opened the packaging & used it for the first time.

Example, my Fenty Beauty Instant Warmth Bronzer that I bought and used in July 2020 has a PAO of 12 months.. So I can use it until July 2021.

Hope this was helpful! Leave a comment or feedback for me, would love to hear from all of you!

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