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Makeup Brush Buying Guide for Beginners

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Hello lovelies!

Here’s a post for you to hopefully understand makeup brushes better!

Let’s begin with material!

We’ve talked in length in one of our earlier posts on material of makeup brushes; animal hair or synthetic hair. And which works best for which type of makeup. But here’s a recap.

Animal or natural hair is made of animal hair. Typical animals for this purpose are goat, squirrel, mink or sable. A lot of companies comply with PETA’s regulation of cruelty-free products, which means the hairs are ethically sourced. So if you’re into animal or natural hair, please ensure that you purchase from PETA compliant brands! Animal hair are naturally coarser, as it has follicles in them that picks up makeup products. Thus why animal or natural hair brushes are GREAT eye brushes, I must admit. I have 1 goat hair blending brush that I love a lot. This material is expensive though, so be prepared to pay a hefty price for animal or natural brushes!

Synthetic hair are man-made brushes. Usually of nylon. These days our advanced technology has improved immensely, so did the quality of synthetic brushes. Back in the early days of the introduction of synthetic hair, the quality was extremely poor and but it was cheap! But nowadays, factories are able to mimic natural hair or able to produce softer synthetic hair and still keep the cost at a low. So synthetic is the way to go if you’re looking for affordable makeup brushes! They’re also easier to clean in comparison to animal hair. This is because synthetic brushes does not have follicles like animal hair, that may or may not trap excess makeup products during your usage.

What are everyone’s must haves?

For face brushes, we think the must have are this 3 brushes:

  1. Foundation Brush

  2. Blush Brush

  3. Powder Brush

Foundation brushes are used to apply liquid, cream or powder foundation onto your skin! It acts as a base, before adding on any other makeup products such as finishing powder, blush or highlight.

Foundation brushes comes in a wide variety of shapes, here at Brush & Co we’ve introduced 4 foundations brushes.

The most common shapes are:

Flat Top: Full Coverage for liquid & cream


Round Kabuki Foundation: Natural Finish for Liquid, Cream & Powder


Flat Angled Foundation: Full Coverage for liquid & cream

Next is Blush Brush

Adding on blusher to your everyday look really helps you look awake, youthful and sweet! Isn’t that what all of us want?

Blush brushes can also come in several shapes.

Here at Brush & Co we have the round, dome blush brush. I love this one to give a quick, feathery application for a light natural look.

It may also come it shapes like this:

Real Technique Blush Brush – Feathery and longer bristles means a more feathery application for a soft, natural finish.

Bobbi Brown Blush Brush – Firmer, dome shaped brush. Apply product in a sweeping motion for a more intense application.

The third important brush would be a Powder Brush.

And in this hot tropical weather of ours, setting your face after any liquid or cream application is so important!

Adding powder to your makeup routine helps lock in your foundation or concealer in place and helps your makeup stay longer in the heat!
The most important thing about Powder brushes are it’s ability to pick up fine, powdery products!

And the softer the bristles, the better to lay in on your skin with foundation so it wouldn’t move your base.

Here are some of our powder brushes suggestions:

Round Powder brush from Rose Kit:

This brush is included Rose Kit set along with 7 other brushes that’s great for beginners.

This was our Tapered Powder Brush from Lilac Luxe collection. It’s big and pointy at the end to reach areas like side of your nose, under eye etc.

It’s currently out of stock, sorry!

Any big bristled, soft round or oval brush would be great to help you apply loose or compact powder!

Hope this little blog post helped! Leave a comment if you think there are other brushes every beginner should have!

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