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How to clean your makeup brushes by Brush & Co

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The fastest, cleanest & cheapest way!

Hi everyone! Thought I’d write this long overdue blog post on how to care for your makeup brushes!

Cleaning your makeup brushes is a MUST. As important as looking beautiful everyday, it’s even more important to make sure you keep the brushes CLEAN so you can keep your skin staying hygienic and healthy!


Your brush may collect dust and bacteria and imagine putting these toxins willingly onto your skin. Yikes! Also if you keep on using the same brush over and over again, product buildup on the brush hair won’t help in a flawless makeup application.

How often should you clean your brushes?

Clean your brushes weekly! And store them in a closed container, instead of letting it out in the open air. (This collects dust)

At Brush & Co, we offer a makeup brush cleaning soap that will help you keep your brushes & sponge clean quickly.

Brush Wash by Brush & Co

Made of natural, fuss-free ingredients this soap will help deep clean your brushes. It literally takes seconds to lather the brushes and watch it remove all your makeup grime. I know I personally have cut my makeup brush cleaning time in HALF ever since we created this baby.

How to use Brush Wash by Brush & Co?

Step 1: Wet the dirty brush (bristle only! not the whole tube & handle!) or leave some water in the tin

Step 2: Swirl the dirty brush in the soap till it looks like this!

Step 3: Rinse the brush hair with water till its clean!

Step 5: Pat dry on a towel to clear off excess water and help the brush retain its shape. Lay it flat on a towel to air dry! Best to put the towel somewhere you get natural sunlight and some breeze. (In front of a window etc)

Here’s a full tutorial on how to clean your brushes with our Brush Wash

Our brush wash are made of natural ingredients and comes in two sizes; 50g (mini brush wash) for RM25 or 100g for RM37 (lasts you up to 3 – 4 months!)

We introduced our Brush Wash in March 2018 and have sold hundreds of tins (tons of repeat orders!) and have great reviews on them. Brush cleaning has become such a simple task and we’re glad to see a lot of you girls taking brush cleaning seriously!

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