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Makeup Brush Towel

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Makeup Brush Towel is here to make your brush cleaning days a better one!

Clean your brushes & dry them with this brush towel!

  1. Semi dry your freshly cleaned brushes on a towel or Makeup Brush Towel
  2. Slot your brushes in!
  3. Lay them flat or hang them to dry using the hangers in an airy area!

Your new brushes will dry much faster, retain its beautiful shape & will smell fresh & clean!

Product Details:

Keep your makeup brushes clean and ready to use with our new Makeup Brush Towel. This highly absorbent towel fits up to 15 brushes and is designed for drying them quickly and efficiently.

  • Highly absorbent material: Made of a special material that absorbs moisture quickly, this makeup brush towel helps your brushes dry faster.
  • Fits up to 15 Brushes: With enough space for up to 15 brushes, this towel is perfect for professional makeup artists or beauty enthusiasts with a large collection of tools.
  • Versatile Design: Use it flat or hang it on your towel rack. This brush drying tool offers flexibility in how you choose to dry your tools.

Slot sizes:

  • 3 slots for 1.6cm brush handle
  • 2 slots for 1.4cm brush handle
  • 2 slots for 1.2cm brush handle
  • 8 slots for 0.7cm brush handle

Towel size: 40cm x 25cm with hangers

Frequently asked question:

  • What is this Makeup Brush Towel?

It’s a microfiber towel with slots to help you dry your makeup brushes properly after cleaning them. You can use this towel by laying it flat in an airy area or best used hanging using the hook. Remember to slot your brushes upside down, so excess water will flow out of the ferrule & handle. This way will also help retain the brush shape.


  • Can I only use Brush & Co brushes with this Makeup Brush Towel?

It was designed with our brushes in mind, but of course not! Most brushes out there in the market are of standard sizes – so you should be able to use it with other brushes in your collection too.


  • How to use this Makeup Brush Towel?

Clean your brushes as per usual & semi-dry on a towel (or even on this Makeup Brush Towel). Then slot your brushes in (upside down if you are hanging them) and hang or lay it flat in an airy area! Your brushes should be DAMP not dripping wet and watch it dry effortlessly!


What's Our Secret?

Suitable for sensitive skin

Synthetic brushes

Cruelty free

Travel friendly

Quality focused

Wallet friendly

Cleaning your makeup brushes is a MUST.

As important as looking beautiful everyday, it’s even more important to make sure you keep the brushes CLEAN so you can keep your skin staying hygienic and healthy!


Your brush may collect dust and bacteria and imagine putting these toxins willingly onto your skin. Yikes! Also if you keep on using the same brush over and over again, product buildup on the brush hair won’t help in a flawless makeup application.

How often should you clean your brushes?

Clean your brushes weekly! And store them in a closed container, instead of letting it out in the open air. (This collects dust)

At Brush & Co, we offer a makeup brush cleaning soap that will help you keep your brushes & sponge clean quickly.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our products are great for all skin types (we’ve tested them on a range of different skin types).

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