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Step 2: If you are satisfied with your order, you can click View Cart OR click on the Cart icon on the top right of the page.

Step 3: Click Check Out if you are satisfied with your order.

Step 4: Fill in your Name, Address, Phone Number for delivery purposes. It will then show you the amount of your order including postage. Then, choose your payment method.


We have 3 options available for payment method (Manual Bank Transfer/Cash Deposit or Online Banking or PayPal) and click Place Order

For Manual Bank Transfers/Cash Deposit: Please take note of your Order Number and Brush & Co banking details. Payment must be made in 24 hours, receipt & order number should be emailed to [email protected] or sent via Whatsapp to +6011 2625 2045

For Online Banking: Select FPX and the bottom of our SenangPay payment gateway page. Choose the online banking system you would like to use for this transaction, and click SUBMIT.

For Credit Card: You will automatically see the form to fill up your card details for payment. Fill up your information and click SUBMIT.

Proceed with the needed steps to confirm your payment, it will then inform you that your transaction is SUCCESSFUL, and we will receive a receipt of your payment from SenangPay.


Please drop us an email or Whatsapp, or use the chat box if you ne

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